Things to see and do on Funen

Would you like to spend you holiday in fairytale Denmark?


You probably know about Copenhagen – perhaps the Tivoli fairground there. You might even know about Hans Christian Andersen and the Little Mermaid, and some even know about Legoland. The latest is “The New Nordic Cuisine”, and I must say yes, we do make really, really lovely food in Denmark.

 So what should you do, what do you have to see in Denmark?

Denmark is a small country, mainly composed of islands of which 443 are named. Of these, 76 are inhabited, the largest being Zealand and Funen, and also the peninsula area of Jutland.

Zealand is known for having the capital Copenhagen, Jutland for Legoland, and right there in the middle we have lovely Funen. Funen is known for Hans Christian Andersen, so it is called the fairytale island, but it is also known as the Garden of Denmark, and for very good reasons. We have not just beautiful, historic gardens but also many farms - big ones, industrial ones but also smaller ones that are known for the amazing quality and innovation of their products. Some of what is produced is even sold in small roadside stalls.

Funen has wonderful countryside as you drive from one tourist attraction to the next. We have first-rate beaches (both sandy, child friendly, and also others perfect for fishing), some of the most well respected restaurants in Denmark, a number of them situated some of the 123 castles and manor houses. Many of them are open for the public with beautiful historic gardens like Carstles garden for instance (20 mins from Lundsgaard).

Lundsgaard Bed and Breakfast is situated on Funen, in Horneland, a small peninsula, where it’s 3km to the beach in almost any direction and 3 km to the beautiful Svanninge hills, an area where walking, biking, and in the winter, cross country skiing, are very popular. There are cows, goats and sheep walking freely around in these hills. From the top you have a spectacular view of the sea and the small islands around southern Funen. These islands are very popular places to visit on daytrips from Faaborg Harbour, just 5 km from Lundsgaard.

Funen has many tourist attractions to offer, but because the island is in the middle of Denmark it is also very easy to do daytrips to other places around Denmark. Many tourists either come in their own car or rent a car at the airport, so in only 1,5 hour you can be in either Legoland or Copenhagen. That is why a lot of tourists choose to stay in Lundsgaard for 1 or 2 weeks using the place as their base when they want to explore Denmark.

If you want to read more about what to do in Denmark, we have made a little folder. You can find it here.

We have made a brochure about things to do while you are on holiday on Fuen.

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